Gain control over all your facility and be constantly alert.

The LifeguardEye monitors everything that happens in the camera's field of view, whether it is a swimming pool, waterslide, access routes or utility rooms.
Eliminate blind spots
LifeguardEye processing can be local or cloud-based, but in either case response will be instant — as fast as fractions of the seconds.

Specially built neural network and low-latency backbone system ensure immediate response to the danger and save precious seconds.
Short response time
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Extensive data for comprehensive analysis
By analyzing the live video stream from the cameras, the system generates a significant amount of digital data. That makes it possible to create analytical reports, various statistics and other information that can assist in making business decisions.
Costs optimisation
By reducing the number of personnel used for surveillance and optimizing the cost of its operation, the owner of a water body can reduce the cost of security while increasing its level.
It is also possible to change the operating logic of the rescue team by using qualified personnel more efficiently.
The LifeguardEye interface can be viewed on any device stationary or mobile. Flexible assignment of user roles allows access to each function individually for each user. All of this is wrapped up in a system of modern, secure encryption that protects the transmitted data and locally stored video recordings.
Remote management and control
From home pool to aquatic resort
Unique modularity and flexibility of the system allows to realize any scale of installation - from a single camera and application on a mobile device for a home pools to hundreds of cameras and a surveillance and response center powered by a local processing server for biggest aquatic facilities.
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