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The LifeguardEye system using computer vision, monitors all movements of people in the water and near the pool for the purpose of risk elimination, critical situation detection and drowning prevention
Live Tracking
V=0.3 m/s
T= 12 min
The safety of YOUR aquatic facility
LifeguardEye technology
Intelligent analysis of statistical and behavioral data from CCTV cameras makes it possible to build an accurate dynamic digital model of the scene by detecting people and objects in sight.
Dynamic detection and tracking of people in the water
New methods of centralized work of rescue services
24-hour smart monitoring
With LifeguardEye's smart and everwatchful eye turn your passive surveillance system to active safety system
The LifeguardEye interface can be viewed on any device stationary or mobile. Flexible assignment of user roles allows access to each function individually for each user.
Zonal control of your facility
Critical situations detection and scenario processing
After-hours access control; unaccompanied child in the danger zone; any other custom scenarios — all of these are implemented using accurate object detection and classification
By accurately detecting submerged state, measuring velocity and activity, LifeguardEye alerts instantly when a person is underwater for too long, not moving or showing signs of other situations that could endanger life
Our projects
Powerful data processing technologies and machine learning abilities of LifeguardEye create no limits to its usage. We are currently developing and testing new features of the system that can be applied to diverse aquatic objects and facilities and optimize their management and control.
Olympic Synchronized Swimming Center
Water polo team training base
Community center
University pool
Training pool
Hotel pool
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We constantly strive to optimize it, develop new features and make tests. And one of the core elements of our work is communication with practitioners and experts like you. We would like to broaden our community and start working together on setting new water safety standards based on the combination of active safety and technology
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